An Astrology Primer Covering Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign, Elements and Cardinality

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Astrology Primer ~ The Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets in Astrology

Like astronomy, astrology is all about the stars and the planets. This page serves as a basic introduction to zodiac astrology.

The SunPlanet

Building on astronomy, astrologers seeks to discern meaning from the positions, aspects and relationships of the planets, stars and moon.


Considering the influence earth's moon has over the tides -- the once unmeasured force of gravity -- is it so farfetched to imagine that the cosmic dance of the planets and the stars might somehow influence life here on earth in ways as yet unmeasured?

Whether you read your horoscopes to unlock the secrets of your future, for seeds of contemplation and inspiration from enlightened thinkers or just for entertainment, one thing is for sure.

When you read and meditate upon your horoscopes, you are tuning into yourself and participating in the cosmic dance of the universe, because those stars, moons, asteroids and planets, which influence the authors of your horoscope are certainly influencing you in some way!

Zodiac Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Rising Signs

Your sun sign indicates which constellation of the zodiac the sun occupied when you were born. Though it is the most popular and familiar of your astrological signs, in fact it is only part of your astrological DNA. Other major elements include your rising sign, or ascendant and your moon sign. Here you can calculate all of your zodiac signs by getting your free birth chart and sample Life Destiny interpretation.

Sun Moon Rising
Aries Aries Sun Sign Aries Moon Sign Aries Rising Sign
Taurus Taurus Sun Sign Taurus Moon Sign Taurus Rising Sign
Gemini Gemini Sun Sign Gemini Moon Sign Gemini Rising Sign
Cancer Cancer Sun Sign Cancer Moon Sign Cancer Rising Sign
Leo Leo Sun Sign Leo Moon Sign Leo Rising Sign
Virgo Virgo Sun Sign Virgo Moon Sign Virgo Rising Sign
Libra Libra Sun Sign Libra Moon Sign Libra Rising Sign
Scorpio Scorpio Sun Sign Scorpio Moon Sign Scorpio Rising Sign
Sagittarius Sagittarius Sun Sign Sagittarius Moon Sign Sagittarius Rising Sign
Capricorn Capricorn Sun Sign Capricorn Moon Sign Capricorn Rising Sign
Aquarius Aquarius Sun Sign Aquarius Moon Sign Aquarius Rising Sign
Pisces Pisces Sun Sign Pisces Sun Sign Pisces Rising Sign

Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon (ascendant) where you were born (latitude and longitude), on the exact date, and precise time you were born.

Knowing your rising sign will provide a fuller picture. Any personal astrology forecast based upon your natal chart will illuminate your rising sign for you. Our rising sign calculator link should help. Some astrologers provide specific rising sign horoscopes, others like Oscar and Jonathan Cainer provide premium services that incorporate your natal chart information into "spookily accurate" forecasts!

Also important is your moon sign, which is the sign of the zodiac that the moon occupied when you were born, where you were born.

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign

Interestingly, the Vedic Moon Sign is different from the Western Moon Sign, giving a fourth perspective to the astrological pilgrim in addition to the sun, rising and moon sign of western astrology.

As you can see, astrology and horoscopes can go much deeper than the mass forecasts you find in the newspaper or on the internet based on sun sign alone. In fact, we recommend that everyone have their natal chart professionally prepared and that they obtain a qualified, detailed analysis of their birth chart to gain insight into themselves.

The Four Astrological Elements

The four astrological elements are air, earth, fire and water. In astrology, the attributes of one of these elements are associated with each sign.

Given that there are twelve signs in the zodiac and four elements, each astrological element is associated with three zodiac signs and these signs share some common characteristics because of their common element.

The Three Cardinalities

Cardinality is expressed as either cardinal, fixed or mutable for each sign of the zodiac. As you probably imagine, this has to do with changeability, flexibility or rigidity.

It is the combination of cardinality and elements that give us the twelve combinations evidenced in the astrological signs.

We've made arrangements for you to calculate rising sign or ascendant with our free sun sign, moon sign and rising sign calculator:

>>Free Birth Chart - Find your rising sign and calculate your ascendant for free!

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Favorite Astrology Quote: "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.  You have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." - Max Ehrman

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