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Taurus Horoscopes and Astrology Forecasts (April 21- May 21)

We feature free Taurus horoscopes and astrology forecasts daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Daily Taurus horoscopes and predictions are organized by astrologer and astrology website. Tomorrow's horoscope for Taurus is often available as well as today's Taurus astrology forecast. We feature weekly Taurus horoscopes organized by the day of the week on which they are released. The monthly Taurus horoscope forecasts tend to come out in the last week of the month. These monthly horoscope predictions and Taurus astrology forecasts make that time of the month the most active. We've spent hundreds of hours researching the best free Taurus horoscopes and astrology predictions online, including yearly horoscopes for Taurus in 2019 with whole year ahead forecasts. Why not have a look at our Taurus love horoscopes as well, featuring the astrology behind Taurus females and males in relationships.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac in astrology and is one of the earth signs. Well known for the personality traits and characteristics of being patient and reliable, the Taurus man or woman is also loving and very warm hearted. No wonder, as they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. They can be very persistent and desire security. Taurus sun signs are symbolized by the bull and as you might imagine, are of fixed cardinality. Feminine in nature, it is this fixed quality that separates Taurus from fellow earth sign Virgo, which is mutable and thus more flexible. A Taurus man or woman is blessed with sound business sense and make trustworthy friends and business associates. These traits can be visible in Taurus rising or those with moon in Taurus in their natal birth chart as well.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Traits and Personality Characteristics in Astrology

Taurus is a feminine sign and possess tremendous patience. In relationships, Taurus men and women care deeply for those they are close to. They have an extremely reliable personality and tendencies to be very consistent. People like being around a Taurus man or woman. However, this zodiac sign does not like to take risks and its members crave security. They are more sexual than average and loyal in love. However, they can have possessive traits.

On the shadow side, a Taurus male or female can be jealous, self-indulgent and even greedy. Sometimes they are thickheaded and intractable. Often enough, their vices are born of their virtues being taken to an extreme. When they don't feel secure or hold too steadfastly to beliefs, they can be obstinate, super conservative and self-righteous.

Spiritually, they are generally gentle, warm and affectionate. Taurus can have industrious characteristics and thrive in positions with a fair amount of routine. These are the guardians of the universe!

  • Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Taurus Zodiac Symbol: The Bull
  • Taurus Element: Earth
  • Taurus Cardinality: Fixed
  • Taurus Stone: Emerald
  • Taurus Season: Spring
  • Taurus Colors: Pink
  • Taurus Anatomy: Throat
  • Famous Taurus: Andre Agassi, Dennis Hopper, Barbara Streisand, Al Pacino, Bono, Salvador Dali, Karl Marx, Cher, John Wilkes Booth, James Brown, Carol Burnett, Immanuel Kant

If you would like to know more about Taurus astrology or Taurus rising and moon signs, visit our astrology primer or our in-depth overview of the signs of the zodiac.

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Our description of the sign of Taurus is only a brief overview. For much more information about the sun, moon and rising sign of Taurus in western zodiac astrology, we recommend the following astrologers.

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