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The planets, sun and moon, their placement in the zodiac when you were born and their movements or transits through the sky in the past, present and future - these are considered to be the major influences on the zodiac signs in western astrology. In fact, the planets give astrology its meaning. At the moment we are born, every planet in our solar system as well as the moon and sun occupied a particular position, which is represented in a person's natal chart in the various houses of astrology. The relative positions of the planets as they move through the houses form angles and aspects which are infinitely changing. The inner planets move more quickly than the outer planets. Thus whole generations may be influenced more by one planet than another, though the astrological climate can change fairly quickly due to the steady movement of the planets through the constellations and signs of the zodiac. Although planets are said to rule certain signs, they all have some degree of influence over every sign. Thinking of how the moon influences tides and how it influences mood, or how we feel when the sun is shining versus a dark and rainy day, it is easy to imagine that there are forces at work in astrology, perhaps on par with gravity in terms of their influence in our universe, which we don't yet fully understand! Find out where are the planets today, this week, this month and this year along with the meaning of the planets, stars and moon in astrology below:

The SunThe Sun

Although the sun isn't a planet, its placement in your birth chart and present location in the zodiac are considered to have significant meaning. The sun gives life to everything on the planet. Your natal birth sign is based upon the placement of the sun in a particular zodiac constellation, at the moment you were born. The sign brings light to who you are deep down. It governs the ego, and illuminates your nature and character. The sun is also associated with your father and the way you relate to men. Any sign may have a significant placement of the sun in a particular chart. When the Sun is placed favorably, you may feel more confident and positive, though you may also find that you see flaws and imperfections. The Sun rules the Leo Zodiac Astrology Sign.

The MoonThe Moon

The moon is closely tied to mood, emotions and instincts in zodiac astrology. It is also associated with your mother and your relationships with women in general. Primeval and unconscious habits, drives and instincts are all in the moon's domain. Depending upon its placement in your natal chart or the current phase of the moon and its placement in the zodiac, you may find that your moods fluctuate as with the tides. New moons reflect beginnings and full moons are culminations. The Moon rules the Cancer Zodiac Astrology Sign.

Mercury Mercury

Mercury is the planet that governs communications and commerce (contracts particularly). It's domain is reason, analysis, verbal and written expression, as well as trade. If Mercury is prevalent in your current horoscope or birth chart, you will tend to be more communicative and expressive. When Mercury is retrograde, a thrice yearly phenomenon where Mercury appears to move backward through the sky, there tend to be disruptions and delays in communications, technology, business and travel. As Mercury retraces its steps, you may find that delays work to your advantage while you sort out old issues by revisiting old territory. Mercury rules both the Sign of Gemini and the Virgo Sun Sign.


Venus is the planet of love, beauty and creativity. She inspires art, romance and also fortune. When Venus is prevalent in a person's chart or the current astrological outlook, they receive extra gifts in their appearance and attractiveness, which extends to people as well as their financial outlook. Venus is the planetary ruler of both Libra Sun Sign and the Sign of Taurus.

Mars Mars

Mars was the ancient god of war and its influence is energetic and aggressive. This planet gets us all fired up about something, and the something depends on where Mars is located in your natal chart or in your current horoscope. Often after Mars transits we find ourselves drained, but we tend to make progress. Mars is the ruler of the Zodiac Sign of Aries.


The planet Jupiter is all about luck, opportunity and optimism. Think big! Jupiter brings gifts in the form of expansion and growth. We all have Jupiter in our sign about once every twelve years and that is the time to go for the gold. Unlike Saturn, you don't have generally have to break your back to receive these gifts. However, we must answer the door when opportunity knocks! Jupiter is one of the slower moving outer planets. Jupiter rules the Sign of Sagittarius.


Saturn is another big planet like Jupiter, but its influence is more about constraint and restriction. Saturn presents us with the very obstacles necessary for us to grow. Challenging and strict, Saturn is a taskmaster and will not leave you alone until you learn the lessons you must in order to progress and find our safety and security. Most of us face our "Saturn Return" around our 30th birthday, when Saturn returns to the position it occupied when we were born. This is part of why turning 30 feels like such a bummer! Saturn rules the Capricorn Sign in Astrology.


A relatively newer planet, the discover of Uranus coincided with some of the major breakthroughs of the 20th century, including space travel. This is the planet of change, which is often unexpected. Some consider Uranus to be a rebel, upending the existing paradigms and norms, but progress is inevitable and Uranus won't quit until it is achieved. Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarius Sun Sign in Astrology.


Neptune is thought to be the planet of imagination, illusion and deception, particularly self-deception. Sometimes we do need to jump the track and explore fantasies or get in touch with our sensitivity, so the influence is not entirely negative. However, the presence of Neptune can be associated with substance abuse as an escape from reality. Neptune rules the Zodiac Sign of Pisces.


Pluto is the planet most associated with the unconscious, sex and death. It is also associated with rebirth. All things occult and spiritual are in the domain of Pluto and it is often through the influence of this planet and during Pluto transits that we find our very soul. Pluto rules the Sign of Scorpio.

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