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Before diving into the free tarot readings and your free tarot card spreads, it may be helpful to understand a bit more about the ancient art of tarology and how tarot works. Like astrology, horoscopes, casting rune stones and numerology, there is both a pseudo-scientific element and an intuitive divination element to meaningful interpretation of your current, past and future influences and potential outcomes. Tarot is usually considered New Age, but it is in fact based upon quite traditional mythology, as are the 52 playing cards of a common playing card deck.

While many free tarot websites offer computer software generated card spreads, the best sites interpret not only the meaning of the tarot cards, but also the interplay between the various symbols of the major and minor arcana in a specific spread. Still, you may benefit the most if you go beyond free tarot card readings by consulting a professional tarologist, perhaps a psychic tarot or clairvoyant with keen intuition. We also suggest consulting your stars in astrology as horoscopes and tarot are very complementary, along with numerology.

Best Free Tarot Card Reading ~ Tarot Card Spread Online

Here are our picks for the best tarot card readings for love, career, business, money and luck. Remember, your fortune and fate aren't cast in stone in these tarot readings. You may not be able to escape your karma, destiny, joss or fate, but you most certainly do have free will on your journey!

Horoscope Astrology Tarot

The free tarot readings and tarot card meanings are among the best you'll find online at our sister site. No less than twelve different tarot card spreads including zodiac tarot, love tarot, daily tarot, yearly 2019 tarot readings free and more!

Free Tarot 6 Card Spread from Lotus Tarot

Here you can get a good free tarot readings, using 6 cards of the major arcana (22 cards), such as the world, the empress, the lovers, judgement justice and the star. This is a good tarot reading, free with no signup. Other tarot readings are also available as well as a numerology reading.

Aeclectic Tarot Online 78 Card Deck 1 and 3 Card Tarot Spread

This is a great website to learn about tarot and how to read the cards! The community here is very strong and there are always new perspectives and lots of card decks, some available for download. This is free tarot using all 78 tarot cards, including the major arcana (think fool, hanged man or high priestess) and the minor arcana.

Llewelyn's Web Tarot

You wouldn't be far off by saying Llewelyn wrote the book on tarot and you'd be hard pressed to find so many good free tarot readings using so many free tarot readings in one place. She may or may not be a clairvoyant or a psychic oracle, but she certainly knows how to read tarot cards and possesses great intuition! Definitely check out the past, present and future tarot spread as well as the free 10 card tarot reading!

Tarology by L.A. Lothian at Access New Age

This is a unique approach wherein numerology and tarot are combined to map the 9 numbers in numerology to cards of the major arcana!

Trusted Tarot - Free Ten Card Tarot Reading

Although you may find yourself asked to sign up and subsequently verify your email address, the tarot readings are excellent, the cards are well illustrated, the site is gorgeous and the deck is shuffled by Margaret personally every day. You get to turn the tarot cards from the full deck. Her free tarot readings using 10 cards are in-depth readings, well written and insightful. We highly recommend that you drop by Trusted Tarot for your free daily tarot; this is certainly one of the best tarot sites we've seen online! You don't have to sign up from the link above!

How Tarot Works, Tarot Card Reading and The Art of Tarology

According to the ancient divination art of tarot card reading, spreading the cards of a tarot card deck in a particular arrangement can, in a symbolic and meaningful way, reveal the past, present and future through the use of symbolism via mythological archetypes, much like astrology, numerology and the Sabian symbols.

Some card spread methods use more tarot cards than others. Interpreting a tarot card spread is sometimes done on the basis of a specific question being asked, so you may ask a question of a tarot oracle. You can also benefit from tarot card readings without asking a specific question.

Each tarot card in the major and minor arcana contains a symbol and can be displayed upside down or right side up, which have opposite meanings. The human figures in the tarot cards themselves may be considered to gaze at one another in a spread, indicating further meaning as the interplay between various cards in your tarot spread.

Learn How to Read Tarot ~ More About Reading Tarot Cards

A good place to start would be to consult the Internet Sacred Text Archive, where you can learn about each card in the tarot deck and symbolic interpretations from a variety of ancient sources grounded in tarot and mythology. For the most comprehensive guide to tarot cards and tarot decks online, Aeclectic Tarot is also a community for everyone from the beginning tarot student to the professional tarologist.

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